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Country Facts

People's Republic of Bangladesh
Capital: Dhaka

Population: 152.4 million
Area: 143,998 sq km (55,598 sq miles)

Major Language: Bengali
Major Religion: Islam, Hinduism

Life Expectancy: 69 years (men), 70 years (women)
Currency: Taka

Study in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the top study destination for Nepalese medical students due to its high patient flow in college hospitals.In Bangladesh, the medical education in the graduate level is provided by Medical Colleges. The colleges are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, and are affiliated with a university on the respective region.Until the early 1990s, all the medical colleges were established by the government. Since then, several private medical colleges have been set up.Study Medical in Bangladesh at the top medical college for MBBS.

Low fees MBBS admission in Bangladesh including Government Medical College and Private Medical Colleges.MBBS Colleges in Banlgadesh are approved by MCI Act 1956.

MCI Recognized Medical Qualifications granted by Medical institutions outside INDIA. Many Nepali students go to Bangladesh for higher education every year. According to the Embassy, around 7,000 Nepali students are currently enrolled in different universities for various courses in Bangladesh.

“Many Nepali students choose to go to Bangladesh as the universities there are very good. The lecturers and professors are friendly, so students won’t have much problems adjusting in the college environment,”.It is easier to get enrolled in private colleges than in government ones, as a lot of documentation is required to apply in government colleges.Acquiring student visa to Bangladesh is quite simple, too. Documents like formal proposal from the educational institution the students want to study in, bank solvency-related information and the academic results should be presented at the Embassy to apply for the visa.

Also, the northern part of Bangladesh is nearer to Nepal, which is why many students from eastern Nepal go to study in the colleges in that area. This way, they need not stay far away from home to aspire good education, and can visit their families on holidays on a frequent basis.Another reason why Nepali students choose Bangladesh for higher studies is the foreign exposure.

So, Are you ready to experience the best study experience in Bangladesh?

Processing Steps After Embassyonline Form Submission

  1. Obtain passport.
  2. Get Provisional Admission Letter from the college.
  3. Submit Application Form in Embassy of Bangladesh in Nepal (Form is available atWORLDWIDE).
  4. Apply and get MEC Eligibility Letter.
  5. Get NOC letter Ministry of Education, Nepal.
  6. Send tuition fee through TT/Swift in the nameof college in college account.
  7. Apply for student visa.
  8. Travel College for study with full preparation.

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